Happy Ayyám-i-Há to all who celebrate it, and happy fasting to those who do!

The website's meant to show off stuff that might be interesting for people who are learning about the Faith. For instance, the "Study Hall" section gathers up a bunch of reference sites and study resources. The "Feeds" section on the website is similar to the "News" and "Community" sections of BahaIQ, if you remember that website from back in the day. Ideally there'll be even more stuff like that in the future.

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One thing did land in my lap, though, and that's the website for .FYI, which I've been contributing to for the past little while. It's been slowly coming together around the cozy little community that's grown up around the Discord server.

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BTW, if y'all want to see something new and cool related to the Faith, take a few moments to check out this website. It's pretty legit. (Any suggestions on how to make it even better?)


This story is pretty amazing, because it not only shows the willingness of Arab leaders to work together to promote sustainable development, but also their openness in inviting a Bahá'í organization to contribute. After all, being a Bahá'í is still punishable by death in some parts of the Arab world.

"BIC joins Arab leaders to advance sustainable development goals"


h/t @bahai

On being thankful: "Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity."

So I dunno what to post here, but for now, here's a really awesome pic (not mine) of a Baha'i house of worship in Cambodia.

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