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things I didn't need to see today

@jrenken Is there a way to remove the "News" tab in the "Explore" section? It's always empty and I feel like I won't care to read whatever ends up in it anyway.

bot dev hassles 

OK that's.................. marginally less annoying.

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@dansup @pixeldev little hiccup on fediverse.info: if I want to search for a very short tag like "AI", all I see in the dropdown is longer tags that contain those letters, so I can't actually select the tag that I want. pressing enter takes me to the page for whichever dropdown item was selected.

"Huh, there's a folder called 'irc-logs' on this drive, I wonder what's in it?"

*Sound cue: dramatic prairie dog.mp3*


Finally got my data source all cleaned up, and learned something in the process about how the Graph extension parses TopoJSON. (Due to it using an old version of Vega, this has been a little like prodding a black box.)

I had to import a totally new file and manually add country names, but they're all showing up properly now and it looks great. With the exception of some small bounding-box artifacts which have been there from the start... oh well.


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Since finishing that, I've started to work on the next challenge: adding tooltips so users can see country names when hovering over them. I did a test with administrative subdivisions and found that it works OK, although I had to use a monospaced font and some math to avoid issues with text overflowing the tooltip box. Right now I'm trying to get this to work for countries, but I'm running into problems getting the names to display (data source issues). Watch this space? 😅

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The thing that kind of sucks is that the Graph extension for only supports version 2.0ish of Vega, which means that the features you can use are a bit limited. I tested out a later version (must have been v5 or so) just to see what I could do with it; the result was similar to what I'm using now, but I got to use a cool orthographic projection for the world locator. Orthographic projections in v2 are messed up (they result in barely-usable transparent globes), so nerts to that.

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So, I think I've reached the point in my use of that I'm able to do more or less what I want with it, specifically with respect to popping it into . I've been using it to turn files into locator maps to pop into country articles on the Bahaipedia , and design-wise, I'm pretty happy with the results so far.

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm kinda interested in and and such? Well there you go.

When they tell you is so old that the dinosaurs used to use it

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