doing some bug fixing and ; @xyzzy will now report errors so I know when something breaks, and @pollbot is back online and should post twice a day.

I went in and added a bunch of old polls from the v1 incarnation of @pollbot, for more variety. I want to add new about TV and movies, but I'm no good at that stuff because I don't usually watch either.

Maybe I'll have to hit up @derek and the crowd on l.p for some inspiration. Send me some good poll ideas, and I'll add them and give credit!

It didn't take long for @xyzzy to go down again, but at least it let me know this time, and with an error message to boot! Much nicer to have a heads up when these things happen. I'll probably do the same thing (enable crash notifications) with the rest of my always-on .

I straight-up love the error reporting feature, I don't know why I didn't add it earlier.

I just made some tweaks that should make it include more information with reports to speed up the recovery process, let's see how that goes.

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