Today's warm take:

What we need isn't a killer app. We need training in methods and philosophies that will help us make learning online easier, so that we can make distance interesting and engaging, rather than exhausting.


That reminds me of the conversation I was having with a fellow friend, about culture and how we often create these bubbles by creating apps to solve problems that are either imaginary or are easily solved through changes in lifestyle that have nothing to do with .

That is, sometimes change doesn't need to come through your smartphone.

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@dragfyre But what about that new killer app that will solve all my problems?

@Lofenyy put your VC cash into a nice ice cream machine instead 🍦

Yup. 😄👍
No need to complicate things.
Sometimes we're looking at the problem the wrong way, or looking for answers in the wrong places.

Sometimes all we really need is #commonsense. 🙃

Something that is same-same but different:

Back in the day when #computers were just starting to become common in all small businesses, people thought creating documents and printing letters and quotes from a computer+printer meant that their business was already #computerized.

Nope. All they really did was replace the old #typewriter with a fancier typewriter.

@evelynyap Most businesses are still using Excel for their databases... and that's fine, because most of the time, that's all that they need!

#Excel will never go out of style. 🤓👍 It's simpler than an actual database app, I think.

The online version isn't great though. Discovered that yesterday. Max file size is 5MB. I had to use #GoogleSheets to work on the XLS file my boss sent. Fortunately, Google does a good job working with an Excel file format and the boss didn't mind.

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