Oceans are over-fished, so fish has been off the table.

Demand for avocados kills monarch butterfly sanctuaries and sanctuary workers, so that is now off the table too.


Most supermarket meat is inhumanely produced and wrapped in plastic. Most produce probably has a worker abuse story. Tropical produce in northern supermarkets is yet another sad story. Also the plastic, damn the plastic.

This planet really would be better off without us, wouldn't it?


@sajith If I have an avocado tree in my yard, does that mean I'm OK?

@dragfyre I'm afraid that simply existing as a human in our world is a crime. Remember how megafauna went extinct as soon as our ancestors made their way through the continents, way before industrialization.

@sajith I don't have the link off the top of my head, but there's evidence that aboriginal populations in North America (for example) practiced responsible agriculture and forest management for thousands of years, supporting the ecosphere around them rather than tearing it to shreds.

"The state of the world reflects a distortion of the human spirit, not its essential nature." (The Universal House of Justice, 2012)

Things don't have to be the way they are currently.

@dragfyre Isn't that because they had to do so in order to survive?

Nothing wrong with that, but: prior to that North American megafauna extinction happened as soon as the said populations made their way there, which was very likely the result of over-hunting. (This is from "The Third Chimpanzee".) All of us have varying amounts of blood on our hands. I probably have more of that than average, accounting for time and location.

Yes, things could be better. 🙂


@sajith Good point. I guess the difference now is that, as you imply, we're not operating simply in survival mode now. We've had thousands of years of relative comfort during which we could concentrate on developing material civilization and whatnot.

But as we advance materially, so must we advance spiritually, i.e. in our capacity for , , , and rational thought.

@dragfyre I hope that happens. I would love to see at least most of our unnecessary plastic usage gone in my lifetime.

Off to bed, later!

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