Lesson learned about polls: Timing is everything.

Also, no congee for breakfast. Ever.


I mean, you'd think that I would've learned that timing is everything on by now. Things like Facebook and Twitter have been around for what... nearly a decade now?

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By the way, if Web 2.0 was all about things like Friendster and Myspace, would you call the FB/Twitter era Web 3.0? (Or Web 2.5, maybe?)

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Hmm, looking at the standard definition of Web 2.0 (based around user-generated content), everything we see nowadays is still Web 2.0. It's all just various iterations of the same principle, I guess.


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Prediction: If content in Web 1.0 was mainly publisher-generated, and content in Web 2.0 is mainly user-generated, content in Web 3.0 will be mainly generated by the spirits of the departed, via electronically connected Ouija boards. Or else it'll be just generated directly by God (or by quantum fluctuations and zero-point energy if that's more your thing).

You just wait. <true_story.png>

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More accurate prediction (probably): Web 3.0 will exclusively feature content written by , using higher-order markov chains and neural networks. Because is the future and all that.

...and because some of these content creators on are nearly indistinguishable from bots anyway. 🙄

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