So a couple of newsbots from one site or another showed up in my federated feed doing the same thing their cousins on Twitter do: post about each article they link 2-4 times in rapid succession.

Just what's going on there anyway? It's consistent across both platforms and only seems to happen with that kind of account. Are they all mangled the same way? Is it reposting for fixed typos (but 3-4 times in the same minute?)? Is it some ultra-dumb Do This To Get Moar Clickz(tm) strategy?


@pstewart Good question. It could be either of the rationales you mentioned. From my perspective, it could also be that the bots aren't able to properly tell whether or not the link they want to post has already been posted. If so, it would be an API issue. I've been running into this kind of problem with a Reddit bot; parts of Reddit's API just aren't updated fast enough to show new posts, which leads to duplicate posts.

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