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time! Let's call it dragfyre 101.

I'm a (front-end) web dev, educator, blogger, dad, husband, Baha'i, and world citizen. I have deep thoughts about human nature and character, virtue , cooperation, , , , & , , , , , and the interaction of all of the above. Google me and you'll find me on Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc. I try to do the right thing. No politics or drama plz, and keep it SFW kthx.

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So, I've posted an about myself, but maybe it's time for one for my .

- @xyzzy: Interactive text adventure that posts random scenarios hourly.
- @lol: Mashes up toots from the public timeline at .
- @videodreams: Dreamy gifs made from 100% free online content.
- @laughingman: Tracks the Laughing Man's rampage through old public domain videos.
- @bahai: Regular quotes from the Bahá'í sacred writings.
- @bahai: The latest from various Bahá'í news feeds.

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Quoth @lol: "Had another near-memory crash. mostly bittorrent i think, the wages of sin are death."

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@dragfyre I prefer vanilla javascript on top of HTML5 with CSS3. For productivity I have created my own cross-browser polyfill library.

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Ok folks. What's your favourite language / framework for web apps? Throw 'em at me, perhaps with a brief rationale. (And feel free to boost this. 🎺)

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@noorul @dragfyre Please allow me to suggest #Clojure.

Why Clojure? -

Have a try at clojure

Comprehensive nutshell -

Clojure is used by small dev teams to develop and deploy applications at lightning speeds which are performant and scalable (#JVM). It also has access to the entire #Java ecosystem.

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Let's start with HTML5, CSS3, minimal Javacript/ Jquery,

Postgresql/ Sqlite,

Python/Django, for moderator scale and performance project,

Nodejs is fine for small apps.


Ok folks. What's your favourite language / framework for web apps? Throw 'em at me, perhaps with a brief rationale. (And feel free to boost this. 🎺)

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To be honest though, I've been rolling a project idea around in my head ever since I started learning more about the . And it's a project that I'd actually find really useful, too. Maybe with a little effort...?

Ideas are dangerous sometimes.

Especially when you get an awesome idea and you know you really have zero time to work on making it happen. 😅

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Wrote up a small thing on patreon about the thought processes for drawing on red pockets for Capsule Corner's Lucky 88 🧧 Art Show (in LA) and for the new year, my favourite festivities ^q^ 🏮

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Time for a second call to translation! 💬

If you have some time this weekend and know one of the following languages, please consider translating a few sentences of #PeerTube ! :peertube:

- #arabic: 33% translated
- #russian: 42% translated
- #japanese: 28% translated
- #polish: 54% translated
- #portuguese: 0% translated
- #danish: 0% translated
- #tamil: 3% translated
- #esperanto: 61% translated
- #persian: 12% translated

If you have never joined the effort, here is how to get started:

boosts appreciated :blobcat:

Putting together a new playlist for when I need to change the world.

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*see someone posting about an "important SEA-local weather alert"*

*open the post expecting a typhoon alert*

*it's about Seattle and not Southeast Asia*


Tooters, give my dude @mitch some love. He's new and doesn't know what the Fediverse is. Let's show him a rootin' tootin' good time. ✨ 👩‍🌾 🏀 🎷 ♿

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