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time! Let's call it dragfyre 101.

I'm a (front-end) web dev, educator, blogger, dad, husband, Baha'i, and world citizen. I have deep thoughts about human nature and character, virtue , cooperation, , , , & , , , , , and the interaction of all of the above. Google me and you'll find me on Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc. I try to do the right thing. No politics or drama plz, and keep it SFW kthx.

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So, I've posted an about myself, but maybe it's time for one for my .

- @xyzzy: Interactive text adventure that posts random scenarios hourly.
- @lol: Mashes up toots from the public timeline at .
- @videodreams: Dreamy gifs made from 100% free online content.
- @laughingman: Tracks the Laughing Man's rampage through old public domain videos.
- @bahai: Regular quotes from the Bahá'í sacred writings.
- @bahai: The latest from various Bahá'í news feeds.

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I thought captain marvel was optimistic cheerful angry, all i hope it is to watch the news and sign off social media for a bit of shameless promo in case we do get our plans for a milk formula targeting expectant women. twice.

Quoth @lol: "I lost my job at the amount of evil in this space."

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Let's make 2020 the year we stop teaching children how to be employable and instead teach children how to be healthy people

Juggling several ideas for new projects all at once, none of which I actually have the time to take on 😅

What are you doing to ring in the (Gregorian) ? 🎉

Quoth @lol: "L’épidémie de grippe frappe désormais toutes les langues classées à gauche et y en a d'autres dans la salle des professeurs."

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Oh lawd, I'm gonna have to find a better way to host my , because I just keep getting ideas for more and more of them. God help me.

Ok yeah, seems like there's definitely enough interest in filling out random internet to make a new & improved version of/successor to @pollbot. @vgan want to collaborate?

Choose your poison (h/t to @alexshendi)!

More accurate prediction (probably): Web 3.0 will exclusively feature content written by , using higher-order markov chains and neural networks. Because is the future and all that.

...and because some of these content creators on are nearly indistinguishable from bots anyway. 🙄

Prediction: If content in Web 1.0 was mainly publisher-generated, and content in Web 2.0 is mainly user-generated, content in Web 3.0 will be mainly generated by the spirits of the departed, via electronically connected Ouija boards. Or else it'll be just generated directly by God (or by quantum fluctuations and zero-point energy if that's more your thing).

You just wait. <true_story.png>

Hmm, looking at the standard definition of Web 2.0 (based around user-generated content), everything we see nowadays is still Web 2.0. It's all just various iterations of the same principle, I guess.

By the way, if Web 2.0 was all about things like Friendster and Myspace, would you call the FB/Twitter era Web 3.0? (Or Web 2.5, maybe?)

I mean, you'd think that I would've learned that timing is everything on by now. Things like Facebook and Twitter have been around for what... nearly a decade now?

Lesson learned about polls: Timing is everything.

Also, no congee for breakfast. Ever.

What's for breakfast?

So apparently my profile says that I haven't mentioned artificial intelligence in over a year. So here's your controversial thought of the day: is overrated, and we put too much faith in it.

I've really missed the ability to just publish frivolous polls all the time. @Gargron doesn't even know that he gave me the best (early) Christmas present ever. 🎁

Looking for recommendations: A simple -based framework for generating and storing thumbnails for images and video. Any ideas?

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