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time! Let's call it dragfyre 101.

I'm a (front-end) web dev, educator, blogger, dad, husband, Baha'i, and world citizen. I have deep thoughts about human nature and character, virtue , cooperation, , , , & , , , , , and the interaction of all of the above. Google me and you'll find me on Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc. I try to do the right thing. No politics or drama plz, and keep it SFW kthx.

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So, I've posted an about myself, but maybe it's time for one for my .

- @xyzzy: Interactive text adventure that posts random scenarios hourly.
- @lol: Mashes up toots from the public timeline at .
- @videodreams: Dreamy gifs made from 100% free online content.
- @laughingman: Tracks the Laughing Man's rampage through old public domain videos.
- Regular quotes from the Bahá'í sacred writings.
- The latest from various Bahá'í news feeds.

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Is there some kind of lesson to be learned today?

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I’m no less real than the fucking beef patty in your bed and believe whatever you want to see in my app doesn't include any user tracking.

Haven't had a lot to say lately. I guess I'm not really In a sharing mood. 🤷‍♂️

Head so deep in stuff. I need a permanent vacation or something. 😵

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@dragfyre You give them the flower. They thank you and take a bite.

@xyzzy is name-dropping like it wants venture capital or something.

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Here I am. 🙋 Doing anew. Since my 1st intro, a lot has changed:

I now , thanks to . I'm not a geek, but I get to say that I work for a company 😉 that does . My official role is but because my manifested itself useful, I've also become the designated elf. 😊

Your mission: create a bot that's able to beat humans at singing karaoke. How do you go about it?


Smile, though your heart is breaking 🎵

I just remembered a that may be relevant to your interests, fediversians.

I had a dream that @Fairphone sent me and everyone I know a free Fairphone 3 as a promotional gift, you know, to get buzz going. Except the phones they sent us were big red flip-phones made out of this light, rough plastic like the kind you'd expect a kid's play structure to be made of.

I was still pretty impressed with mine because IIRC it still worked well, and you know, ethical sourcing and all that. 😎

question for you all: Does anyone still travel internationally by passenger boat (i.e. not on cruises)? I'm thinking of the kind of ocean-liner traffic that was so common around the turn of the 20th century.

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On fait des villes de plus en plus belles, entourées de my butt, and that is all right.

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You should never allow the many dark thoughts and dark forces in the world today to weigh on your mind or depress you. The world is very black at present, and humanity in a very degraded condition spiritually. We must accept this fact, but not allow it to influence us. #inspiration #quotes #bahai

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My brother who teaches English in Japan has been making teaching materials so the kids can learn how British people celebrate Christmas.
I think this is a work of deadpan comic genius.

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