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time! Let's call it dragfyre 101.

I'm a (front-end) web dev, educator, blogger, dad, husband, Baha'i, and world citizen. I have deep thoughts about human nature and character, virtue , cooperation, , , , & , , , , , and the interaction of all of the above. Google me and you'll find me on Twitter, Reddit, Youtube, Wikipedia, etc. I try to do the right thing. No politics or drama plz, and keep it SFW kthx.

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So, I've posted an about myself, but maybe it's time for one for my .

- @xyzzy: Interactive text adventure that posts random scenarios hourly.
- @lol: Mashes up toots from the public timeline at .
- @videodreams: Dreamy gifs made from 100% free online content.
- @laughingman: Tracks the Laughing Man's rampage through old public domain videos.
- @bahai: Regular quotes from the Bahá'í sacred writings.
- @bahai: The latest from various Bahá'í news feeds.

Is an unpopular topic on Mastodon, or am I just following the wrong people?

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Conversations on social cohesion gather momentum in Australia since pandemic

#bahai #worldnews #news #bot

You have the FSM's permission to step away from the battleground that is the media, social or otherwise.

Go look at a tree for five minutes. Preferably many trees. A plant is OK too. Maybe pet a cat. Feel some nice, uncomplicated love from the universe.

You know, sit inside with a cappuccino and a laptop listening to music while it rains outside. That sounds nice.

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Shouts out to all of the software companies out there making their offerings free for educators this month. You have no idea how much it helps everyone.

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Calling all teachers! LibreOffice is a great choice for schools and education – it's free and open source, compatible with Microsoft Office, and you don't have to worry about license fees, subscriptions or software audits. Learn more:

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Highest-rated #Bahai posts on #Reddit for the Baha'i month of ‘Alá’, 176 B.E.:

* It really sneaks up on you!

* Bahá'í advertisement in the Lansing State Journal, 1949. Words to live by.

* We had a potluck to break the Fast today! Here is a pic.

Read more:

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Hand sanitizer is just a solution of 60% alcohol and moisturizers. The 60% part alcohol is the important part.

You could also carry a small bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol with you instead of hand sanitizer.

Soap is more effective at combating viruses, though, so wash your hands with soap. Use hand sanitizer or alcohol when you can't get to a sink.

health/handwashing, +, shareable infographic & source 

Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is the most effective way of getting rid of germs, including coronaviruses. If soap and water are not available, using a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol can help you avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others.

Thanks @sohkamyung for the infographic and article.

Opening this one up to everyone on this lovely :

Any suggestions for good task management tools (whether -capable or not) to replace ?

Looks like Quire ( has an amazing interface and is free, but it's closed-source. It'd be nice to find something similar that's self-hostable.

health/handwashing, correction, + 

Correction: I guess "waaaay" better was an overstatement; soap is just *better* than alcohol.

Tacking this on here so that I don't have to delete the OP, which has gotten a fair bit of shares already.

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health/handwashing, + 

...and just as an added bonus, here's a video that shows the entire correct hand-washing procedure!

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health/handwashing, birdsite, + 

So apparently, soap is waaaay better for killing viruses (incl. coronaviruses) than hand sanitizers based on alcohol and so on. This is because the soap literally rips apart the lipid bilayer that coats/protects the virus.

Really good, if somewhat technical explanation here from a chemistry prof:

cc @dansup (since you mentioned hand sanitizer)
cc @sohkamyung

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