Kitty made a black raspberry pie. We grew the raspberries ourselves, and this may be the best pie I've ever had.

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I cleared 14 slides today, so there are now only 20 left to go. My fingers want to fall off. But there was some great output:

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34 slides left to go on this talk. I've got to get a huge chunk done today! Drop by and say hi as the panic rises!

Y'all who missed the stream, you miss out on watching me create the single greatest thing I have ever drawn.

There are 34 slides left to go. I'll be back tomorrow afternoon for a little bit to tackle some of the harder slides left.

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Stream's up! 42 slides to go, and only like a week and change to get it all done!

I'm not panicking, YOU'RE panicking...

Can anyone in Omaha recommend a local ADHD coach who's accepting clients? Because I'm really good at ADHD and I think I could go pro.

... seriously though, I think it's probably time to look into that.

"Man, today was just really hard, for no real reason. ...wait a minute..."

*puts hand in pocket, feels the drugs I forgot to take*

Every. God. Damn. Time.

Stream's up. 50 slides left to go. Going to get as far as I possibly can tonight, exhaustion be damned.

well I cleared 5 slides in about half the time it took to do that on Saturday. Much better day.

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55 slides left to go. Stream's up for a while. I think I fixed the weird audio issues I was having, at least temporarily.

Time to attempt to funnel some of my anxious, frustrated energy into drawing. Especially since this talk is about these very kinds of moments...

Come hang out as I try to draw some wolves.

Before I go to bed - I know lots of folks don't like to talk about their mental health in public. And I do have Signal.

So, if you'd like to talk about anything related to your mental health, or about any situation making it worse - any situation at all - DM me for my number.

So hey that might not be someone setting off fireworks around 120th and Center. It might be yet another mass shooting.

But if it IS fireworks, I hope whoever's launching them loses their hands and also their face.

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