After decades of grappling with anxiety, this is the sad truth about how my body reacts to being excited about something...


Okay. I can't take this specific thing anymore after a whole day of it.

Please realize: getting mired in a discussion of if Crypto Bro or That One Moron were "right" to call that SI model "obese" or not IS THE EXACT CULTURAL PROBLEM THAT CAUSED THEM TO DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE


RT will keynote at this year's Nebraska.Code() July 15th!

'Handling the Dark Forest: How to Survive When the World's on Fire'.


I'm leaving on vacation Thursday morning and I was up late to watch the eclipse so this morning my brain and I are once again establishing our Special Relationship

To be clear, I am accepting the Ukraine win as compensation for not winning last year.

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Me, an American: these points are so weird
EU megafans: well see back in 1984, France had this song...

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