After decades of grappling with anxiety, this is the sad truth about how my body reacts to being excited about something...

There are a couple Lisa Frank stickers, some pokemon, most of them are from the Oglaf kickstarters, and the FUCK birds and adventurer animals are from

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so I've taken miniatures painting back up, and in the process, discovered that the little rolling cabinet (5 drawers) that I was using to store my stuff is falling apart because it was a dirt cheap thing I got off woot over a decade ago, so I spent too much on a replacement so I'll never have to deal with this again.


Okay. I can't take this specific thing anymore after a whole day of it.

Please realize: getting mired in a discussion of if Crypto Bro or That One Moron were "right" to call that SI model "obese" or not IS THE EXACT CULTURAL PROBLEM THAT CAUSED THEM TO DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE


Slow, imperfect progress is better than none at all.

First mini I've painted in five years or so, and I think the phone camera's light/color correction is murdering the shading. I swear it looks better in person. A little.

I love how this guy looks exactly like someone who'd write this article.


I have finished all of The Apothecary Diaries that's currently translated and jesus christ, out of fucking nowhere the epilogue of book 5 is just extremely uncomfortable and bad and dark, seriously what the actual fuck.

It doesn't matter how Agile, flat, or dynamic a team or org is; if you're evaluating the performance of individuals, nobody feels safe (psychological or otherwise), and you aren't fostering creativity.

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