anyone manage to store data to a usb drive from a PIC micro controller? Having one of those what have I gotten into moments.

@bootjack @cypnk I recall a article from about 35 or 40 years back involving a trunk full of caps. A feed horn behind a grill and a lot of disclaimers.

@bootjack @cypnk was the project called something like Rimer's Retaliator?

I am pretty sure most tubes can hit 50 Kw in pulsed mode, odds on with the cathode melting being the likely failure. Still having cleaned up an exploded 25 KW final on a Marconi transmitter, a safe distance would be a plan. Starting to have images of Wallace and Grommet operating it from a bunker.

@cypnk pretty build. Were they planning on continuous opperation at about 15KW or pulsed megawatt? Power supply will be entertaining either way.

@dragfyre @SDF @mdhughes @ifixcoinops
Suggestion taken, and Hi all.
Looks like a fair amount of interest overlap. I used to be a Commodore warranty shop. Still do some embedded controller work. Gave away my last pinball machine to a good home 40 years ago.

Things seem to be text only for me, kind of reminds me of the old BBS systems.
Well the HTTP 500 errors are new 🤓

Looking for a place to move from Twitter as it seems to be ejecting people for transgressing the unwritten law.

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