Looking for a place to move from Twitter as it seems to be ejecting people for transgressing the unwritten law.

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Things seem to be text only for me, kind of reminds me of the old BBS systems.
Well the HTTP 500 errors are new 🤓

@Fourmyle That's a nice feeling 😄 (the BBS nostalgia, not the HTTP errors!)

You ought to follow a few accounts if you want your home feed to get interesting. If you remember BBSes, you'll probably love to follow @SDF and perhaps @mdhughes. @ifixcoinops always has something interesting to read, too (especially if you like pinball).

@dragfyre @SDF @mdhughes @ifixcoinops
Suggestion taken, and Hi all.
Looks like a fair amount of interest overlap. I used to be a Commodore warranty shop. Still do some embedded controller work. Gave away my last pinball machine to a good home 40 years ago.

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